• May PerformanceAlex McDonald, Piano
  • October 2013Howard Hilliard, Horn
  • November PerformanceLei Weng, Piano
  • December PerformanceHoliday Celebration
  • January PerformanceStephen Beus, Piano
  • February PerformanceStephen Page, Violin
  • March PerformanceSara Daneshpour, Piano
  • April PerformanceNicholas Arbolino, Oboe
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 Garland Symphony Orchestra's
2013-2014 Season, Shall We Dance?

It is likely that the very earliest music ever created was for the dance; the first time our distant ancestors first banged on a log with a stick, someone undoubtedly broke into the Neanderthal shuffle!  Things have come a long way. From ballet to breadancing, music and dance are now inseparable partners. 

Many great composers have done their finest work when inspired by the beauty of danceSome, like Stravinsky with Petrushka, Delibes with Coppéliaor Copland with Rodeo, have written full-length ballets intended for virtuoso dancers. Other compositions, like Rachmaninoff’Symphonic Dances, Dvorak’s Slavonic Dances, or Bartok’s Dance Suite, use the compelling rhythms of dance in works intended for concert performance.  Fothe 2013-14 Concert Seasonthe Garland Symphony Orchestra will bring to you all these masterworks and more, plus music for the dance by Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Kodaly, Verdi, and many more. 

Joining the orchestra will be a stellar array of distinguished guest artists, including guest conductor Alberto Correa from Colombia. Texas pianist and 2013 Van Cliburn competitor, Alex McDonald will return for a solo appearance.

It’s music that will set your soul afire and your feet a-twitchin’!  So waltz over to the computer, fax, or phone, and 

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